Scent Discrimination Training

Items to use in order to get good scent for a search

 Use organic matter if at all possible

 Hair from person's hair brush

 Tooth brush used by person

 Bring everyone together that has been around crime scene

 The object of this is that when presented the actual scent article the dog will eliminate all but the scent looking for

 Next task would be to do a large circle of the area

 Keep everyone in one place to prevent scent disturbances

 Heat and Moisture are the 2 thing that will break down scent

 When introducing the dog to the scent article for the first time hold him back letting him pull to get to article which will increase his drive for that scent

 Never push dogs nose into scent article

 Only give the search command when the dog is reaching and smelling the scent

NOTE : Scent on Cement rarely stays in place

NOTE : Scent can crawl into the cracks and hold so trust your dog

NOTE: Scent moves more from hard surfaces

Before each training session note the following:

•  Wind Direction & Speed

•  Air Temperature

•  Ground Temperature

•  % Humidity


** The following diagrams will explain some ways to start teaching this **

After the above is mastered continue to the following:



continue to the following: