(Never train your dog in a rush; you must devote time for results)

•  Wait for food (No words for this command! Don't say wait or sit, this should be an expected behavior) It is never too late to teach this command, begin right away! I find that I can teach this in one or two meal times and so can you. This lasts a lifetime and is the cornerstone of my

Be Consistent! Same routine for every meal (Doesn't matter if you feed your dog once, twice, or three times a day)

Stand in front of your dog (does not matter if he is sitting or standing) and place food towards the ground. If your dog moves towards the bowl, lift it up, then:

Lower the bowl, if dog comes towards it again then lift it back up:

Repeat until the dog no longer comes toward the bowl:

Wait a second and say OK (releasing your dog to its food):

Continue to increase “Wait” time by a second or two each meal.

•  Give your dog 15 minutes to eat for every meal:

If food is not eaten in 15 minutes take it away. Do not double up for next meal

“This is not an all you can eat buffet”

If your dog is disinterested it's probably because he is eating too much or because the food is out all day

If your dog is eating too fast place tennis balls in the bowl, this will require your dog to work around the balls to get to his food (eating too fast poses health risks)

You will notice better eating habits in your dog if you follow this system.

You should always be able to place your hands in the bowl while your dog is eating. If you can't then your dog needs behavior modification

  •  Always feed your dog high quality food (Organic, no-preservatives)

Never feed your dog wet food (health risks)

Measure out every meal

Use stainless steel bowls, not plastic, for hygienic reasons

Have fresh water available for your do, change the water 2-3 times daily

Last meal should be given four hours prior to bedtime; water should be made available up until two hours before bedtime (decreases the risk of house training accidents)

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•  For information on what not to feed your dog read the health article in the article/press section of

Q: Do I say the word “wait” ?

A: No it is a non-verbal expected behavior

Q: Do I say “No” when my dog approaches the food without waiting, or just lift the bowl up?

A: Just lift the bowl up.

Q: Why should I use stainless steel bowls?

A: Stainless steel bowls can be 100% hygienically cleaned

Q: How do I know if I am feeding my dog too much?

A: Go by package and veterinary guidelines, balance exercise and diet to get the optimal weight…dogs will eat all day…don't feel guilty about thinking they are hungry.

Q: What does it mean if my dog will not let me place my hands in the bowl while he's eating?

A: They may have a food aggression issue that needs to be fixed with behavior modification. Do not let this continue, contact a professional ASAP.