(This is one of the building blocks of SOLID commands)

Have your dog sit/stay whenever and wherever you say for as long as you say

Start the Sit immediately

  • Have your dog Sit and wait for its food bowl
  • Should Sit when you come to a stop during a walk
  • Sit to get attention (this is the most important)

Depending on the breed of your dog it will not stay small forever and it needs to learn that in order to get attention it must sit/stay before anyone gives it attention.

  • Will prevent your dog from jumping on you, your family, and guests when it wants attention

I do NOT use treats in order to teach your dog to sit and I do NOT condone that method

Sit command for Heel

  • Walk with your dog in a heel position and come to a stop
  • Make sure your dog is next to you on the left side and their head is inline with your left knee
  • If your dog does not sit when you stop, gently reach down and using your thumb and forefinger press down on the lower spine (thumb on one side, forefinger on the other) this will put your dog into a sit

You do not want to use too much pressure doing this or use an open hand, your dog will resist too much. You also want to press down in a continuous pressure or else if the dog does not go down and you give up, the dog wins…you want the dog to listen to you…keep in mind that I do this with 150 lb dogs with very little pressure

  • Simultaneously pull up on your dog's leash as you put him into Sit
  • If they get up from the Sit without your release (the release is you continuing on the walk), say “No” and gently put them into position again
  • Your dog should stay in Sit until you begin walking, no words need to be said, he should walk when you walk and sit when you stop
  • Eventually your dog will sit automatically when you come to a stop

NOW you can start giving the voice and hand signal for Stay

  • Take the palm of your hand and put it in front of your dogs face and say “stay”
  • Loosen the leash and walk as far from your dog as the leash allows. This is not the release. If your dog gets up put him back into the original position
  • Your dog should not move from the Sit Stay unless you give him the “Ok” release

When I want a dog to do something and they do not do it I put them in the position. I don't want the dog to do it when it wants to, I want the dog to do it when I want them to. I get great results with this method. Some trainers may say that this is too stressful on the dog etc… I am aware of ALL training methods and I still utilize this method in my REAL WORLD TRAIING, and the more intense the training gets you will realize that training without treats is well worth it. Food and clicker training acts as a “band-aid” it does not truly make the bond between you and your dog SOLID.

Advanced Sit Training with Distractions

I will train your dog to do a stay in a sit/stay while there is dozens of distractions going on. Go to to view the distractions.